Thursday, February 14, 2013

OccuLibrary "Open Source" Materials

If you like the OccuLibrary's mission, we invite you to contact us, or to re-create any of the incarnations we've come up with, or to invent your own.  You are welcome to use the materials we've developed:
A two-page information sheet about the project. 
The script with quotations from great artists and thinkers that we invited people to read for the camera in the GlamROccuLibrarymentary Trailer Shoot.
Print-ready PDF's of the poster-sized sandwich boards worn by one of the OccuLibrarians
The mini-zine we distributed (we're currently tweaking this but will add a link soon).
Some of the songs and other info gathered for the Yankee Doodles kids' program (I've requested these from the organizers and will add the link when I get them).
If you do create an incarnation, please tell us about it!