Sunday, April 15, 2012

The "GlamROccuLibrarymentary Trailer Shoot 1"

Since we don't have a cart yet, we pulled together a script consisting of short chunks of text describing the project and a bunch of relevant quotations from writers and artists through the ages, and we invited passers-by to read whatever bits they liked best while we videotaped them, with the idea of editing them into a promo. The response was enthusiastic, and we got some great footage, shared some good info, and everyone had a great time. We think we'll do it again.

The second photo shows our ultra-hot GlamROccuLibrarians, Sally Glass and George Quartz. We also made some cool little 'zines to hand out.

We were too busy shooting video to get many photos, so if you happen to have any, we'd love to see them.

If you'd like to get involved, we could use:
POPLAB (bookbuggy) builders
Librarians (real or artificial)
Grant writers or other fund raisers
People who can recruit others
People who can organize others
People who can pitch in now and then
Make us an offer!
You're invited to help us co- re-create reality, only better!

UPDATE: Nice mention by Margaret Meehan in Glasstire!

An installation of the sandwich boards, 'zines, and props remains on view at the Shamrock (along with the rest of the Fallas Dart Air), on Sat. afternoons or by appt. until 4/28, at 4312-1/2 Elm St. between Peak and Carroll.

FURTHER UPDATE: You can download PDF files of the sandwich boards here. They're standard poster size and print-ready; feel free to use them in your own OccuLibrary incarnations.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

OccuLibrary Project Debuts Tonight

At the The Fallas Dart Air, 5 - 9PM, at Shamrock Hotel Studios, 4312 Elm St., Dallas between Peak and Carroll (more details at the link): GlamROccuLibrarymentary: Trailer 1 Shoot (2012), by Carolyn Sortor and Lizzy Wetzel, with performances by Sally Glass and George Quartz. The Fallas Dart Air is occurring the same weekend as the Dallas Art Fair. (Photo right by P. Peniweight).

We haven't got a cart built yet, but we've made some pretty fine printed materials for our p.r. debut (p.r. being 1/2 of what this project is about anyway. You can click on the image below left for a more legible version; or contact us if you'd like a hi-res pdf).

The show also includes work by lots of other great artists: Kristen Cochran, Lanie Delay, Vince Jones, Kirsten Macy, Margaret Meehan, Ludwig Schwarz, Marjorie Schwarz, Edward Setina, Lizzy Wetzel, and open studios of Lily Hanson, Peter Ligon, Marianne Newsom, Brian Ryden, Noah Simblist, Sunny Sliger, and Saul Waranch.

Many thanks to Peter Ligon for creating our illustrious venue, organizing the show, and encouraging us to debut the project there!

(Click on the images for larger versions. B.t.w., if you'd like to help build a cart, pls contact us!)

Thought for the Night

I dreamed this the other night: