Monday, January 30, 2012


Most Occupy camps had library tents, including the camp in Dallas; and when the camps were evicted, the libraries were largely destroyed.  (In New York, e.g., camp librarians had catalogued some 4,000 books, out of which only 802 were recovered, many  in barely usable condition; and their laptops and other property were destroyed.)

We're interested in creating art-assisted reincarnations of these libraries.

More particularly, the project mission is to use aesthetically-informed strategies to lure artists and other citizens toward info that can help empower the 99%, as well as to foster critical and cultural awareness in general.

We plan to begin with the creation of one or two "bookmobile" carts (one of which could live in a gallery or community space, while the other hits the streets). Tentatively called the "People's Occupy Pop-up Library All-terrain Bookbuggy" ("POPLAB"), and possibly consisting of a suped-up, book-filled laundry cart or other mobile unit w/ excessive tires + an eye-catching sign, which could perambulate populated public areas in an amusing/alluring manner. (Click on the image for a larger version.)

Additional evolutions could include a pop-up library installation (the "People's Occupy Pretty-big Top Education + Networking Tent" ("POPTENT")? that could temporarily live in available gallery spaces, school campuses, community centers, etc. It could host performances, art talks, screenings, readings, etc., as well as books, videos, + other materials.

Artist-modified or -created books or information packets + an open-call, blind-curated art show are some other ideas. We'd like to hear yours!